Our ranch offers products that optimize:

Your Health

In order to live a long, productive, contented life, we must nourish our bodies with food of the highest and purest quality. We allow our cattle to rotationally-graze on pasture.  As a result, our beef is grass-finished, meaning that it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids (the healthy fats) and numerous beneficial vitamins including A, D, E, & K2.  Science aside, we hope the flavor is the biggest selling point.

The Environment

We know our product is produced under the most efficient system because it has been refined for millenia by mother nature herself.  This is known as biomimicry.  Specifically, we practice holistic management and rotational-grazing; meaning we move the cattle from pasture to pasture regularly in order to optimize the the productive capacity of our grass.  This allows the land to rest between grazings and grow back stronger and more fertile with each season while simultaneous sequestering atmospheric carbon.  Conventional cattle feedlots can fatten beeves more quickly and offer lower sticker prices, but the unseen cost is massive environmental damage in the form of manure run-off and groundwater contamination, tillage erosion from grain production, and more.

The Animals

At Against The Grain Pastures, we take great pride in treating our animals with respect by offering them the lifestyle nature intended them to have. They live low stress lives, soak up delicious sunshine, and live peacefully in the quiet beauty of the country. Along with their daily salad-bar diet, we offer them salt, free-choice minerals, and treat them using natural remedies if needed (i.e. apple cider vinegar, molasses, diatomaceous earth).  When we allow cattle to be as happy and contented as they can be, the favor is returned in the form of an amazing eating experience for the person.

By not using hormones, antibiotics, de-wormers, or other chemicals/drugs, we can easily see which animals have the best genetics for our environment.  Over time, our beef will only get better and better.


A Word More…

There are many articles, documentaries, studies, and news pieces that have come out saying beef consumption is bad for your health and bad for the planet.  This may be true…for beef raised in feedlots.  The way we raise our cattle is the healing antidote for the agricultural-induced environmental destruction that has crippled the much of the planets ecosystems.

We like to say that our product is “Beyond Organic” because we go beyond organic standards in many ways.  Also, not being certified organic allows us to offer our product at a significantly lower price.  Some producers may charge nearly double what we charge because they have added costs of being ‘organic certified’ or they may market their products as ‘gourmet’.  We want everybody to be able to afford the best beef.  If you have any questions or concerns about what goes into our product, please contact us via phone and we’d be happy to answer them.

Your purchase of our product is a vote for the proper nourishment of your family and the restoration of our planet.