Quarters, halves and wholes: 

$2.90/pound hanging weight for the animal.  You chose how you want it processed and pay the processor.



Ground beef from our freezer (call for availability)

Burger $5.00/pound

1 lb packs.  27 lbs per box.


Also available from our freezer (call for availability)

All smoked products are produced using no MSG, artificial flavors, fillers, celery juice, or nitrate.  Ingredients:  beef, water, sea salt, honey, black pepper, ground caraway, garlic powder, mustard seed, coriander, white pepper, ginger, and nutmeg.


Summer Sausage      $7.50/pound

Hot Dogs                         $8/pound

Ring Balogna                 $8/pound

Beef Sticks                    $11/pound

Soup/Marrow Bones    $3/pound

Roasts                             $8/pound

Tenderloin                  $15/pound

Ribeye Steaks             $12/pound

NY Strip Steaks         $11/pound